Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spoonful of sugar.

Woah, it's dusty in here.

Sorry for abandoning you all. I have been working full-time over the past few weeks and as such my free time has taken a hit. But I'm back at university now, so I'm only working part-time, which means I'll be able to devote some time to the more trivial things in life, like this blog.

One thing I have been doing a fair bit of is public transport travel. And since I'm not a fan of reading on the bus, I have to busy myself with anything else. Otherwise I go a little mad. I don't handle inactivity well. I get bored sitting on the toilet. So much so I start making myself go cross-eyed and then I look at the bathroom tiles and they go all warpy and 3D/Magic Eye-like. You should try it.

Unless you're no good at Magic Eye. I used to be like that. When they were all the rage when I was in Grade 5, the other kids at my primary school used to bring the books to school and marvel over the dolphin or dragon or cheeseburger that emerged from the nonsense on the page. I could never do it. Sometimes I would pretend and lightly stroke the page like a retard going "Oooh, ahhh, it's so cool!" But once I made the fatal error of outing myself as Magic Eye-incapable, no one believed me. It wasn't until I hit puberty and things with my eyes started to go horribly wrong that I picked up the Magic Eye skill.

You may or may not know that I have some fairly odd eye problems. My left eye is short sighted and my right is long sighted. This is due to the fact that the muscles in my left eye don't work, so the muscles around the eye are doing all the focussing. Which was fine when I was young and fit, but as I got older and computer use and reading increased that my left eye started going "Wow, all this focussing is really running me down. I'll be able to manage for, like, half a day, but after that you're on your own right eye." And then the right eye said, "But without you I'll lose all depth perception. Can't we compromise?"

The left eye thought on this for a moment and then said "Okay, you get glasses for reading and staring at a screen and I'll help you cover the day-to-day activities, like walking and driving and shit. Deal?" The right eye was in agreement and so I got glasses. They didn't consult the rest of my body, namely my teeth (at that point covered in metal) or feet (at that point rocking some subtle orthodics) and as such I went through a rather awkward phase where my eyes kept getting death threats from the rest of my body. But that's all sorted now, my cadaver is in harmony.

Anyway, the point of that is that if I'm not wearing my glasses, I can essentially emulated the effect of going cross-eyed by simply... well, I'm not sure exactly what I do with my eyes, but I assume it's got something to do with not focussing properly, and I can turn it on and off like a switch. A completely useless skill, but a skill none the less.

I'm off to go stare at some patterns around QUT. Stay tuned, I have some exciting events coming up and some cool ideas for this blog. Hopefully things start coming to fruition.


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