Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's dusty in here...

... and that is entirely my fault. Sorry for neglecting the blog everyone. I have been busy with university and work and all the other poo that life throws at me. Not that any of you, my wonderful friends, are poo. You're all great. It's the other poo, like sleeping and eating, which fill the precious moments of my day that I could be blogging.

Anyway, I figure the only way to make it up to you all is by posting something super-mega-awesome: Naked photos.



KIDDING! I don't ever actually get naked. I've been wearing the same underwear for the last seven years now. So comfortable. And also, what is up with that girl's head? What did she get bitten by, a fucking vampire wasp?

But seriously, the super-mega-awesome thing is... me, doing stand-up!

This is like my blog, but done live. So it's heaps more exciting. Just like how a live birth is more exciting then just seeing pictures of a woman's 7cm dilated cervix.

Too far?

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